WIN Two Tickets to the Minneapolis Cake Walk – Fight Hunger!


If you’re reading a food blog, you’re probably hungry all the time. But I don’t mean the, “I could really go for a piece of dark chocolate cake with organic cacao nibs about now…” kind of hungry. I mean the hungry where you had a processed cereal bar for breakfast, skipped lunch and aren’t sure when, or if, you’ll have food before you go to sleep. The hunger that hurts in so many ways.

Nearly 17 million kids in this country – the richest country on the planet – struggle with hunger each year. One in four kids who live in families that lack the means to put enough nutritious food on the table. Those odds mean someone in your neighborhood, a child in your kid’s class, a coworker…all struggling with hunger.

What can you do to help?

bogart loves doughnuts

Enjoy dessert.

That’s right. Make a donation in any amount (over $5) to Share Our Strength Minneapolis and you can win two tickets to the Minneapolis Cakewalk on Thursday, March 13 from 8 pm – 10:30 pm (a $130 value) at Aria at the Jeune Lune (in downtown Minneapolis).

Here’s how it works:
* Click here
* Click donate (in upper right corner)
* Under “Select Taste of the Nation City” select Minneapolis, MN CakeWalk
* Make a donation in any amount over $5
* Leave a comment below and BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE LAST FOUR NUMBERS OF YOUR DONTION CONFIRMATION TRACKING CODE (found at the bottom of your donation confirmation page)

That’s it! On Wednesday, March 12, I’ll randomly choose a winner of the two tickets to the Minneapolis Cakewalk.

BONUS: Tweet “Win two tickets to #CakeWalk2014 at @eatdrinklifeluv” and let me know in the comments that you tweeted and you’ll get a second entry!

And why on Earth would you want to go to the Minneapolis Cakewalk?

cakewalk cake

Sample mind-blowing desserts from:
* Michelle Gayer, Salty Tart (James Beard Award nominee)
* Diane Yang, La Belle Vie
* Anne Rucker, Bogart Loves (DOUGHNUTS!!!!!)
* Honey & Rye Bakery
* Restaurant Alma
* Butcher & The Boar
* The Lynn on Bryant
* Sea Change
* Zoe Francois
* Mademoiselle Miel
* Cupcake
* Patisserie 46
* The Buttered Tin
* Angel Food Bakery
* Sun Street Breads
* Nate Dogs


Address hunger in our community and have fun eating ALL the fancy, delicious desserts. Enter now and win two coveted tickets to the Minneapolis Cake Walk

Good luck!


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