New Feature! Food Word of the Week

I’m introducing a new feature to the blog — the Food Word of the Week.
At least once a week (usually more often) K or I come across a food-related word in a recipe or article and have to look it up to figure out what the heck it means. Now we can pass along our newfound knowledge!

Food Word of the Week
Sous vide (soo veed)
The term is French for “under vacuum.” Seal a piece of food (most recently popular is meat of some kind) in a special plastic bag, suck the air out and put it into the sous vide machine which cooks it in a very low temperature water bath.

Used in a sentence: K drools over the tender sous vide lamb, duck and salmon he sees on restaurant menus and would like a very expensive home sous vide machine. I think we’ll use the sous vide machine about five times and it will go the way of the bread machine. Soon the shelves at Goodwill will be filled with unused sous vide machines. (used it four times!)


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