30 Days of Food Inspiration – Day 28

Day 28: Summer sweet corn.

I love summer sweet corn. Last night we made pasta with fresh corn pesto and bacon (recipe inspiration found here) with a simple side salad. It was sweet, creamy and lovely — and without a drop of sugar or cream.

How do I love corn? Let me count the ways:

* Corn chowder.
* Corn salad (or on salad or in salad) or corn relish.
* Corn bread.
* Corn cakes (especially good with smoked salmon or guacamole).
* Creamy corn risotto (a step up from creamed corn).
* Corn on the cob (roasted, grilled, boiled…any way works for me).
*  Fresh corn on a summer pizza.
* Popcorn.

I also love that you can turn just about anything (including corn) into a pesto. Just blend it up with a little olive oil, some herbs and spices and you’ve got the perfect sauce for pasta, sandwiches, dipping or anything you can imagine. Creative pesto ideas include:

* Arugula pesto.
* Roasted red pepper pesto.
* Spinach pesto.
* Walnut pesto.
* Kale pesto.
* Edamame pesto.
* Pea shoot (or fresh pea) pesto.

Okay, now I’m hungry. It’s your turn. What’s your favorite way to make and eat summer sweet corn? What’s your most creative pesto?


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