Wholehearted Recommendation – Deena’s Gourmet

If you happen upon it at the Minneapolis or St. Paul farmers market, your local co-op or a Kowalski’s store, do not pass up the chance to grab some spicy black bean and chipotle hummus from Deena’s Gourmet. I do not like black beans and I am not a huge fan of hummus, but this stuff has been sent directly from the snack food gods! It’s earthy and just the right amount of spicy and so, so flavorful. Try it with pita crisps or Frontera blue corn tortilla chips (what I just finished scraping the bottom of the container with so as not to miss one little bit).

I am in no way affiliated with the company, just a huge fan of this very local snack dip/spread (made weekly in small batches in St. Paul). One request: If you’re shopping at the Kowalski’s in southwest Minneapolis, please leave at least one container for me. If they’re sold out yet again, I will have nothing to bring to Memorial Day weekend festivities and this is my new go-to take along!


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