Sesame Lamb Meatballs with Tabouli Salad – Top Chef Night

We got a little behind in the Top Chef episodes when we were eating our way through Vegas, but as soon as we saw this winner recipe from fabulously fabulous contestant Arnold Myint we knew we’d be making it. It was for a grill challenge and he made sesame lamb meatballs on lemongrass skewers with a tabouli salad (recipe here). Evidently he made a gazpacho as well (as you can see in the recipe title), but that is nowhere in the recipe. Chad the Bravo intern strikes again. Didn’t matter, didn’t need the gazpacho. 

Through our kitchen experiences we have learned two things: Chopping food is the most tedious, time-consuming task and cooking is messy. 

It is because of the second lesson that K (the sweetest boy on the planet) took pity on my klutzy self and shrinking wardrobe — shrinking because I’ve ruined so many shirts with spattered oil or food stains — and bought us matching chef coats! I LOVE mine! Now I can cook with abandon and not have to turn any more shirts into rags! 

It was because of the first lesson that we chopped everything before we started cooking. With all the herbs and veggies chopped, K built the lamb and beef meatballs around the stalks of lemongrass and I started the barley for the tabouli. We opted to skip the oatmeal called for in the tabouli recipe because we’re smart cookies and know that when you put oats in hot water they turn into oatmeal. Tabouli and gloppy, mushy oatmeal just didn’t work for us. 

With the meatballs in the grill pan and the tabouli salad chilling in the refrigerator, we threw together yogurt, cilantro, lemon juice and some cumin for the sauce. It was thinner than I thought it would be, but it worked. 

And boy did it work when paired with the nutty, juicy, complex and layered lamb meatballs! The tabouli salad was herby, refreshing and just the right amount of chewy. This would be a great evening on the deck summer meal! 

And we had a lot of left over lamb/beef mixture so I made mini burgers the next night and those were amazingly juicy and delicious too! 

Two great meals from one easy, fresh recipe and a fantastic way to use the herbs and veggies that are probably starting to proliferate in your garden! We’ll definitely be making this one again. 

Sesame Lamb Meatballs with Tabouli Salad


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