30 Days of Food Inspiration – Day One

May was bananas — like totally crazy, not the delightful yellow fruit. I had the flu, I was on jury duty, I took on more work projects for my business (YAY!) which often meant working late into the night (boo). And, while we got off to a rip-roaring start creating our own recipes, the schedule of testing, photographing, documenting, writing and posting got the better of me. June is a fresh start, so we’ll be bringing you 30 days of food inspiration each day this month.

Day One: Iced tea. 

May also marked the first full month I was soda-free. I was never too big a soda drinker — just enjoyed one diet Pepsi per day with lunch — but I thought I’d see how I felt if I cut out the high caffeine and chemicals. And it’s good, no more afternoon jitters. I replaced the soda with iced tea just in time for lovely, sunny weather. My favorites are Good Earth Citrus Mate Energy Tea or good ol’ Lipton with a wedge of lemon. I still like a little caffeine help that comes with black tea, so what’s your favorite tea on ice?


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