30 Days of Food Inspiration – Day 11

Day 11: Birthday brunch. 

Last week was my dad’s birthday. Besides mowing and tending to his lawn (seriously — we’re pretty sure the lawn is his third child), his favorite pastime is to hang out with his family (even better if it’s during a Minnesota Twins baseball game). So I dusted off our neglected waffle maker and we had a waffle bar brunch. My mom likes crepes so she added those to the mix. The grandkids (our niece and nephews) got to choose the fruit they wanted in or on their waffles and stuffed their crepes full of fruit, brown sugar caramel and whipped cream. The bacon from the farmers market was quickly devoured. Mini banana cream pies (my dad’s favorite) were enjoyed and the munchkins all “helped” Grandpa blow out the candle in his mini pie. Then an afternoon of playing on the Slip n’Slide in the hot summer sun happened.

Food brings families together. I love that about food.


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