30 Days of Food Inspiration – Day 15

Day 15: Failure.

Last night, we were supposed to go to an awesome, *extremely* inspirational food event. But it was postponed until next week due to bad weather. Weather fail. So, in a last-minute rush for dinner, I defrosted some shrimp (we always keep a bag of frozen shrimp on hand), made some brown rice and got creative with some blue corn tortillas we had in the refrigerator that were on the verge of stale. You see, in the course of cruising Pinterest, I’d seen a really clever photo of someone making hard taco shells using an upside-down muffin tin. Here is that photo (provided by the generous Carrie of Plums in the Icebox).

Photo courtesy of Plums in the Icebox.


Bear in mind I just *remembered seeing* the photo, no directions. Here’s what our taco shells looked like:




Nailed it. 

Okay. So I didn’t nail it, they were a taco shell failure. However, they were still crispy and I stuffed them as best I could with creamy avocado rice (spiked with lots of garlic) and topped them with smoked paprika and Aleppo pepper shrimp. Difficult to eat, really hilarious to look at, still very yummy.

Not all our meals are visually stunning nor are they all winners. But failure is the best way to learn and it inspires winners, right? Happy Failure Friday everyone. I hope your weekend brings you something savory and fun– like a mutant, carnival freak taco shell.


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