30 Days of Food Inspiration – Day 14

Day 14: Soup and salad from Wise Acre Eatery. 

We celebrate the 13th of every single month. Why? Because 13 is our lucky number. We met on a Friday the 13th, K proposed to me on my birthday (April 13) and we got married on November 13. So the 13th of every month is our first date-a-versary, our engage-a-versary and our weddingversary. That’s a lot of “versary,” so we celebrate. Sometimes we celebrate big and fancy, sometimes small and comfortable.

To celebrate our 19th month-a-weddingversary, we stuck close to home and visited Wise Acre Eatery, next door to Tangletown Gardens at 54th and Nicollet in Minneapolis. We’d never been before, but we’ll most definitely be back. It was a beautiful night. The restaurant had their garage door “walls” open to the sun and the breeze and there was a happy vibe that flowed through the entire place. Most of the food comes from the Tangletown Gardens farm in Plato, MN, so the food is really fresh and really local.

We shared a plate of the goat cheese and curry fritters and they were UH.MAZING — light, crispy and so fluffy and flavorful. I had their chowder of the night, which happened to be veggie chowder with ham and bacon. It was filled with warm summer flavors and punctuated by the occasional salty, chewy chunk of pork. K had the dill pickle-brined chicken and liked it a lot. I’m not a fan of pickles, but the brine tasted like my grandma’s homemade pickles, not like a scary grocery store shelf pickle brine. I also had the incredibly fresh Strawberry Fields salad with farm-fresh greens, pickled strawberries, maple pork hock vinaigrette (with some shredded pork hock in there for good measure) and goat cheese-smudged cornbread. Drooling yet? If not, you should be.

Over our sun-dappled dinners, we clinked our glistening wine glasses to mark more than a year and a half of marriage. Every day has been a new adventure and every day I look forward to more delicious and inspirational celebrations.


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