Eat.Drink.Life.Love. — Open for Business

While laying awake staring at the ceiling last night (due to evil Daylight Savings Time) I realized the past year of my life has been filled with all kinds of wonderful. In March 2009, I met an amazing gentleman and we’ve shared lots of moments and memories, together and with friends and family members. Many of them revolve around food. Food others have prepared for us and that we’ve prepared for each other. Our fun often seems to emanate from the kitchen. 

I want to share the love.

K and I live in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota). Our first date was at Heidi’s, an amazing restaurant that recently burned down. We celebrated each subsequent “month-a-versary” at a different local restaurant and just made it to the first anniversary of our first date. We are Top Chef junkies and began our journey in the kitchen cooking along to Top Chef Masters. Along the way, life happened. And lots of love as well.

Thanks for joining in the fun.


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