The Great Twin Cities Pizza Debate

The Twin Cities has some great pizza places. In my opinion, Punch Pizza is not one of them. Years ago Punch made a good pizza. Today, after expansion into many corners of the area, it makes watery, overly sweet sauce that makes their already wimpy crust even more soggy. I have eaten many times at Punch Pizza over the past two years and it is like eating a wet paper towel. They do, however, make a really good salad with rosemary flatbread. Punch Pizza is out of the running for greatest pizza in the Twin Cities.

Last night, we visited Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza. K has been before, but it was my first visit. Great pizza. I created my own that I called Pilin’ on the Good S*#t — and humbly offered that they could use that name and topping combo should it catch on. To my basic cheese and sauce pizza I added smoked mozzarella, artichokes, kalamata olives and roasted red peppers. The cheese was ooey-gooey and melty, the artichokes tart and a bit crisp. The olives were big and salty and the red peppers smooth and sweet. The crust was medium thick and very crisp with a good char.

The restaurant (in the Warehouse District) is small and we were seated close to the open kitchen so it was hot, but the service was attentive and fun and the atmosphere casual. Great pizza, but is it the greatest pizza in the Twin Cities?

Close, but I still think Pizza Nea in Northeast Minneapolis takes the crown. Consistently great crust, top-notch toppings and creative combinations, delicious salads and the option to make your pizza into an equally delicious sandwich. Along with quietly attentive service and a friendly atmosphere.

We have not yet been to Pizzeria Lola, but I understand they should be in the running as well. Best pizza in the Twin Cities, in your opinion?!?


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