New York Bites — Day One

The K+L honeymoon to New York City almost didn’t happen. For two weeks prior to the trip I saw specialists, had tests, had a terrible allergic reaction to medication, had an endoscopy (during which they stuck a camera down my throat), couldn’t eat and just generally felt dizzy, nauseous and gross. When the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong, I decided to ignore my stomach problems and carry on with the show. No caffeine or alcohol and very little meat, but we were going to enjoy some spring in New York together and some fine, fine food no matter what.

With the inauspicious lead-up, the day of the trip didn’t get off to a great start either. I broke my bottle of perfume (which they no longer make) and stunk up the house. K “cleaned” his iPhone in the washing machine the day before and the replacement phone he got didn’t work. Two hours before we needed to be at the airport he was at the Apple store for yet another replacement and was frantically trying to load programs/data up to the moment we left. One hour before we needed to be at the airport I had to run and get a new suitcase.

But we did leave. I managed to eat about six bites of soup from French Meadow before believing I might just die right there at the airport. I took a handful of recommended medications and promptly passed out on the plane listening to “Bossypants” by Tina Fey on my iPod (great book, by the way). And, suddenly, we were in New York City. It was a Sunday night, the airport was pretty clear and the taxi ride to the hotel was light on traffic (and only cost $20).

Our original plan had been to hit one of the Momofuku restaurants, but I still felt pretty disgusting so we decided to explore the neighborhood in which we were staying (Murray Hill) for something close and simple. Enter Black Shack Burger, just half a block away on the corner.

K had a basic Black Shack burger — fresh ground grain and grass-fed beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo, mustard, pickles and ketchup. Simple and, according to K, perfection. We shared some crispy, well-salted and yummy sweet potato fries. I had what is simply the best cheese sandwich I’ve ever had — just fresh, house-made mozzarella and avocados on a sesame seed bun. I could only eat half (enjoyed the rest for breakfast the next morning), but I swear the sandwich, along with the 1/4 of a vanilla/chocolate shake I had, closed the book on a bad day and opened the door to a wonderful and delicious dream honeymoon in New York City.

It was a warm night so we walked around — to Grand Central Station and to see the lights in Times Square — and the next day our adventures truly began.


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