Welcome 2012 — Blogover and a Celebratory Giveaway

Happy 2012! I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions, but with the new year comes a wonderful opportunity to turn over a new leaf (or leaves, as the case may be). One of those changes involved me getting a new camera as a Christmas gift from K. This means new and improved food porn on the blog (see above Korean braised “short ribs” with edamame scallion puree and mushrooms from a recent Top Chef Night). Those “short ribs” are only in quotes because the co-op didn’t have actual short ribs so we made grass-fed beef chuck roast instead — nothing nefarious to see here, people.

But with the addition of enhanced food photography, I just couldn’t leave the old, stale blog format. So, as you can see, Eat.Drink.Life.Love. got a blogover (a blog makeover). Simple, clean and sizzlin’ hot. And with upgraded photos and a revamped site, we also decided to add new food adventures. So this year K and I will be playing with a little molecular gastronomy, some new techniques (using, for example, K’s new sous vide machine — yes, I caved on that because he so wanted it and I’m an awesome wife and gift giver) and even developing and testing our own recipes!

Top Chef Night will continue, of course, so we’ll keep making a dish featured on the show each week and we’ll fill you in on how to make it home cook friendly.

This will also be the first full year in awhile that I’m completely back to working for my own company from my home office. And I love it. No more corporate contracts for this girl — learning the inner workings of a processed food empire was an eye-opening and disturbing experience. So (shameless plug alert) if you or anyone you know needs social media or PR assistance, SEO copywriting, marketing and sales copy, communications, research or grant writing help, I’m here to assist. I’m at Social Visibility Consulting.

In honor of the blogover, blog-o-lutions and making happy career strides, we’re hosting our first ever giveaway.
The prize: A $25 gift certificate to Smashburger redeemable at any of their many locations across the U.S.
Note: Smashburger is not a sponsor of this giveaway. In fact, I’ve never even been to a Smashburger so you’ll have to let me know what you think!

Here’s how to enter: We’re looking for inspiration as we start creating recipes — for one entry, leave a comment next to this post with an ingredient idea (apples, pig’s feet, tripe, quinoa … the sky’s the limit).
For an additional entry, follow Eat.Drink.Life.Love on Twitter (@EatDrinkLifeLuv) and leave a second comment next to this post letting us know you’re one of our “Tweeps.” If you already follow, leave a comment and let us know.
For yet another entry, become a fan of Eat.Drink.Life.Love on Facebook . Leave another comment next to this post telling us you like us, you really, really like us (on Facebook).

The contest begins Wednesday, January 11 and ends at 11:00 pm CST on Thursday, January 19. The winner will be chosen randomly and contacted through the information provided in the entry.

Thank you to everyone who visited in 2011 — the sheer number of people reading my musings on food is overwhelming. K and I look forward to sharing many more food adventures with you during this bright, shiny new year. Good luck and we look forward to your ingredient inspiration!!!


23 thoughts on “Welcome 2012 — Blogover and a Celebratory Giveaway

    • Oh, Amy … yuck! The only thing I can possibly think to do with Lutefisk is to bury it in a cheesy potato casserole like a Scandinavian Johnsson’s Temptation. Something tells me that’s not going to be making our “secret ingredient” list, but I admire you taking it on!!!

  1. Since we’re on the topic of Lutefisk, can you figure out how to make that can of Surstromming that’s been in our fridge for a few years magically disappear? Just kidding. Let’s see what you can do with that sous vide machine. Can you do salmon?

    • That can of Surstromming is repulsive. Best way to make it disappear is to put it in the trash!! =) And, why yes, we can do salmon in the sous vide machine! That is one of our upcoming adventures so stay tuned!! We sous vide chicken and it was delicious. I made scrambled eggs sous vide for myself the other night and it was…meh. Not as gross as Surstromming though!

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